PY.34 / PR.104

PY.34 / PR.104


   Safe Handling of PY.34 & PR.104 Pigments



  Chrome Yellow (PY.34) and Molybdate Orange (PR.104) can only be used for Industrial and Professional applications.
They must not be used for • Decorative / Household / Residential Coatings • Children’s articles including toys, paints, jewelry and equipment • Consumer products Printing inks for consumer products • Food and food packaging • Drugs and medical devices • Ceramics and glassware • Cosmetics and tattoos


Featured Products

DCC Orange ORS

DCC Orange ORS DCC® is honoured to present a brand-new colour index for the coatings and plastics market. DCC Orange ORS is the cleanest inorganic orange pigment in the market. It is recommended for use in solvent based paints for automotive, high-end industrial and architectural applications.


DCC Blue A2RU Blue A2RU is part of a new generation of Indanthrone Blue pigments from DCC®, which can be used universally in both waterborne and solventborne high performance coatings systems and specialty ink applications such as pool liners, laminates, cell phone coating, etc. where chemical resistance to bleaches and other reagents is required.