Dominion Colour Corporation


Dominion Colour Corporation and Subsidiaries (DCC)  is committed to the protection and safety of its employees and property from accidental harm, damage and loss, and to a good housekeeping environment for its employees at all its sites and workstations at all times. Total employee safety and protection is our goal. To meet this goal:


  • DCC will continue to comply with all aspects of the appropriate Occupational Health and Safety Acts and Regulations in jurisdictions in which it operates.
  • DCC employees will always strive to improve the operating and housekeeping conditions in their workplaces in excess of regulatory standards where it is appropriate and viable to do so.
  • Each DCC employee has the responsibility to take appropriate measures to prevent work related accidents and to improve housekeeping.
  • DCC employees will resolve safety and housekeeping concerns and issues through the line management system, joint health and safety committees, safety audits, accident investigations and action verification.
  • Any DCC employee may use the Joint Safety Recommendation Form to address safety and housekeeping concerns in the workplace.
  • DCC employees are encouraged, after following due process, to bring unresolved safety and housekeeping issues to the attention of senior and site management.
  • DCC site management has the responsibility of maintaining safety and housekeeping records and ensuring that the safety policy is implemented at the sites and that accident and incident follow-up actions are carried out.
  • DCC senior management is responsible for ensuring that accident and incident corrective actions are verified and checklists for key safety program activities are reviewed regularly.
  • DCC senior management reviews safety policies, safety performance, safety minutes, safety and housekeeping audits and key safety issues at regular meetings of the Environmental, Health and Safety Committee.
  • DCC senior management is committed to the prevention of workplace violence and harassment and will take whatever steps are reasonable to protect its workers from workplace violence and harassment.
  • DCC corporate management will provide the appropriate resources to support this policy.


Thank you all for making a personal and collective commitment to safety, accident and loss prevention and good housekeeping as a way of life at DCC.

05 April 2017 (Revision 12)



DCC® Blue A2RU is part of a new generation of Indanthrone Blue pigments from DCC®, which can be used universally in both waterborne and solventborne high performance coatings systems and specialty ink applications such as pool liners, laminates, cell phone coating, etc. where chemical resistance to bleaches & other reagents is required.


DCC® Bismuth Vanadate Yellow’s are the market leaders in architectural coatings due to their superior alkali stability versus other conventional and competitive grades. With our new generation of products, DCC® Yellow 3GMXA, 2GTAA & RMXA, we are witnessing a giant leap forward in performance in high PVC systems with higher colour strength, brighter chromatic shades, excellent hiding power and greater durability. DCC’s range has now been complimented and extended to include a new medium shade pure Bismuth Vanadate pigment that allows our customers to cover a much larger range within the yellow colour space.




DCC Europe ISO Announcement

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