Complex Inorganic Coloured Pigments

DCC® CICPs are a range of inorganic pigments of different chemical composition widely used for colouration in plastics or paints. DCC® CICPs are widely used in Decorative, Industrial, Coil, Automotive and Powder Coatings. In plastics, DCC® CICPs are highly recommended for colouration of PVC and polyolefins. The excellent temperature resistance of these pigments also make them very suitable for PA and Engineering plastics.

DCC Orange 7336

DCC® Orange 7336 is a high performance blue shade orange pigment for use in high-end coatings applications. It has improved viscosity stability in both solvent and water-borne coatings systems. It can be used in all coatings systems, but is recommended for the highest end coatings applications where excellent weatherfastness, heat stability, chemical resistance, rheology stability & dispersibility are required. DCC® Orange 7336 is heavy metal free and Diarylide free, and can be used as an alternative for Molybdate Orange.


PDFDCC to Exhibit at SURFEX UK - 2016 with Gemini Dispersions

Contact your DCC and Gemini Dispersions Representative to schedule a meeting at SURFEX 2016. SURFEX 2016 is being hosted at the National Exhibition Center (Hall 8) in Birmingham, UK from May 24 to May 25th, 2016.


PDFDCC to Exhibit at The Cleveland Coatings Society - Sink or Swim 2016

Meet with DCC at Sink or Swim 2016, being held at the Marriott Cleveland Airport, Cleveland, Ohio on June 7th and 8th, 2016
Contact your DCC Representative for details


PDFResponsible Use Policy for Pigment Yellow 34 (PY.34 or Chrome Yellow) and Pigment Red 104 (PR.104 or Molybdate Orange)

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